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No Surrender : Hiroo Onoda’s Lubang Island – 5 days

In 1944 Hiroo Onoda was sent to Lubang Island and given two orders: 1) hold the island against the enemy, and 2) do not surrender under any circumstance. World War 2 ended less than a year later. Onoda, however, staying true to his orders and disregarding all reports that the war was over, continued to fight on Lubang Island.

Lubang Island Lighthouse
Lubang Island Lighthouse

For 30 years he harassed villagers and soldiers with his guerilla activities, surviving through his wits and the island’s abundant resources. Only in 1974 when his original commanding officer flew to Lubang Island and ordered him to lay down his arms did Hiroo Onoda finally surrender. Continue Reading

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Taal Volcano: Overnight in Inferno – 2 days

A volcano within a volcano, Taal’s beauty and uniqueness make it one of the must see sights in the Philippines. It is also one of the country’s most active volcanoes, and most enjoy Taal from a distance on the tourism & leisure hub that is Tagaytay ridge. While the view from Tagaytay is truly picturesque, on this adventure we go deeper into the Taal experience by trekking into the volcano’s main crater and spending the night inside. Only there, in the heart of the beast, can we appreciate the full glory of Taal Volcano.

taal hiking tour
Taal hiking tour

As we explore the shores of Taal’s crater lake and feel the volcano’s barely contained fury, two questions are likely to come to mind: 1) Is this for real? 2) Are we crazy?* Leo Cuesta, Uncharted Philippines’ founder, leads this adventure himself and has this for an answer to both: “Much more real and not much crazier than missing the real Taal Volcano by viewing it only from afar.” Continue Reading

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