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Bet on the Opening Day of the Crabbie’s Grand National With William Hill

The Cheltenham Festival is in a few short weeks but there’s another racing event that will be just as fun and just as exciting! The Grand National is famous for being an unpredictable sports event, but one thing is for sure: there won’t be a dull moment in those three days!

Bet on the Opening Day of the Crabbie's Grand National With William Hill
Bet on the Opening Day of the Crabbie’s Grand National With William Hill

Crabbie’s Grand National is coming up from April 11. It’s a 3-day event in Liverpool that unites an entire nation in a common interest with sports. Do you know which horses you’re going to bet on? It’s always great to bet on your favorite horse on Grand Opening Day. You could get lucky and enjoy the rest of the festivities walking away with a lucky streak.

Place your bets with William Hill. Over 40 runners to choose from! That’s a lot of options and you definitely need the best odds. William Hill can help you there! There is no such thing as a sure thing, of course, but through William Hill you can make comfortable bets and still enjoy, without worrying about losing big.

There are no rules when picking a horse. Go with your gut feel. Some punters would place big bets on runners simply because they like the name. It’s not an exact science. Even the runners with the worst odds could come out on top! That’s precisely the beauty of the Grand National. You can do your research yet once the signal is given, that’s it. Your bet is final and the only thing left is for you to count that Lady Luck is on your side.

Make sure you choose horses wisely. You don’t want to be the guy who loses big, especially to a horse you rejected! Of course, betting is only part of the fun during the Crabbie’s Grand National. There’s also the ambiance of being surrounded by other racing enthusiasts, and of course the sheer entertainment value of witnessing an intense sporting event.

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