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How to make the most of your Universal Studios trip!

It’s almost that time of year again and everyone’s been looking forward to it – vacation time! And after much deliberation, planning, twisting and turning, you’ve made your decision – pack your bags everyone, we’re going to Universal Studios!

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Ok ok, quit jumping around for a few minutes! We know how excited you are right now! The tips and strategies we’ll share with you will help up the fun ante on this vacation so trust us, you’ll want to read through!

At this point you’ve already made use of the Universal Studios vacations packages available to you online – if not, do so! Dream vacations are not cheap especially when the whole family is involved. Luckily there are several options at your disposal to reduce or reassign costs so that you can get psyched to go without breaking bank on accommodation alone.

Ok, with where you’ll be staying out of the way – on to the tips!

  1. Many Orlando locals buy annual passes but most of them are not on vacation when you are so they’ll use them over the weekends. If you plan your Universal Studios trip for during the week in Summer time, you increase your chances of having to maneuver moderate crowds rather than super-large ones.
  2. Travelling with younger kids? The Child Switch option at Universal Studios is for you! This awesome feature allows parents of children too small for some rides to take turns holding little Skipper and then switch without going to the end of the line. Be on the lookout for the Child Switch logo on the Studio Map and when in doubt, ask cast members for specific details.
  3. It’s important to make sure that small children know how to ask cast members for help, should they get separated or lost. You can consider putting your name and mobile number on a small tag that your kids can wear discreetly or the name of the place you’ve decided to meet up if someone gets lost.
  4. The park boasts a few fun places where kids can cool off on a hot summer day. Why is this important? Sometimes kids get lost in the fun of it all and they certainly don’t have to wherewithal to keep tabs on their hydration. One fun stop is the Coke Soak – tons of fountains and nozzles that spray Cherry Coke all day long! Don’t worry though…they also have water nozzles, so after everyone gets sticky, everyone can get clean. Don’t worry, no one will judge you if you “accidentally” get sprayed with soda!
  5. Bought a few things but don’t want to lug them around? Use the Free Package Pick Up! An excellent idea, this allows you to place your purchases in holding so your hands can be free enjoy the rides, snacks and hugging opportunities throughout the day! Pickup is after 4pm, so that leaves plenty of time for you to romp and frolic!

Most of all, have fun! Family vacations create memories that everyone can turn to when times get a little rough or when your spirits are low. Let yourself free and have a bit of abandon in the magic of it all. Universal Studios is the place to be if you want to forget the rest of the world exists for a while!


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