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Never miss a flight again

It’s one of the biggest fears of most holidaymakers. And no, I’m not talking about rain, I’m talking about missing your flight. All that planning and all that excitement wasted and deflated in an instant. It’s why we rush and panic on departure day and it’s the reason we get so stressed in the run up to take-off. So, what if you could be sure you’ll never miss a flight again? Well, you can and it’s really easy.

Never Miss a flight again
Never Miss a flight again

How? Just book into an airport hotel the night before your flight. At the click of the mouse on the right website, all the worry and fear of missing your flight disappears. You get a fantastic night’s sleep in a comfy bed and in the morning you’re a quick transfer (maybe even a short stroll) from the terminal. No long drives and no traffic delays – you’ll be there in no time. Whether you book into one of the Stansted airport hotels, the Dublin airport hotels or even the hotels near Heathrow the same applies. Swap the worry about flight times for a few drinks in the hotel bar and take a step back from the stress.

The comfort of knowing you’ll easily make your flight isn’t the only reason booking an airport hotel is a good idea. You get all the fun of a hotel stay including gyms, spas and top-class restaurants with peace of mind guaranteed. What’s more you can get amazing deals on packages including things like one of the Gatwick hotels. So you’ll not only save yourself a lot of hassle and worry but you can save loads of money too. It’s a bit of a different way to start a holiday; gone are the early morning wake-ups, last minute packing and airport sprints; in their places are luxury dinners, drinks in the bar and a casual departure. Bliss.

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  1. Seair says:

    this is a great idea! i always end up running to my boarding gate!


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