Surfing Lessons in La Union Tour Package

Surfing spots in San Fernando La Union is mainly situated around San Juan about 7 kilometers north of the city in a developing “Bario” (hamlet) picturesque Urbiztondo. Its the gateway to many uncrowded points and beach breaks still rarely surfed.
surfing-in-la-union-tour-packagesSURFING Clinic at La Union : Surfing Season November to February

A right hand reef point break that works at its best with a north producing swell and giving good quality waves on its best days, can hold up to 8 to 10ft.

A beach break in the centre of the bay that offers good clean lefts and rights that work best on a low tide will hold up to 6 to 8ft a great fun wave but often crowded especially weekends.

The left point often works in both ways depending on swell direction but is considered shallow by many and is less crowded, can be a 200 metre left hander when it works and a freight train right hander on the north swell.

Tides and Seasons

The tide here works on a 2 tide system per day 1 high and 1 low averaging just over 12 hours between high and low thus creeping forward each day gradually, giving longer than normal surfing sessions on the right tide. The most consistent time of year starts around October and goes through to March with peak times around December and January which tends to be the more crowded time of year attracting surfers from all around the world.


1 am ETD from Makati, break in NLEX,

6 am Breakfast in La Union

7:30 am ETA Surf Resort and meet your surf instructor for your 2hrs surf lesson

11 am Buffet Lunch

Option 1. to surf again at pax account

2. to go home

Package Rate

  • Aircon Bus P 1,988/pax (base min of 40pax, max of 48 per bus)
  • Aircon Van P 2,188/pax (base min of 8pax, max of 12 per van)
  • Coaster P 2,388/pax (base min of 18pax, max of 20 per coaster)

Inclusive of

Round trip Aircon Vehicle
2 hrs personalized surfing lesson
Buffet Lunch


6 am ETD Manila

11 am ETA in La Union and Lunch (pax Account)

Check in and meet your personal Surf Instructor


More Surfing (pax account)

10 am Check out and Lunch (pax Account)

6 pm ETA in Manila

Package Rate

  • Aircon Bus P 3,188/pax (base min of 40pax, max of 48 per bus)
  • Aircon Van P 3,588/pax (base min of 8pax, max of 12 per van)
  • Coaster P 3,888/pax (base min of 18pax, max of 20 per coaster)

Inclusive of

Round Trip Aircon Vehicle
2 hrs personalized surfing lesson
Buffet Dinner and breakfast
Overnight Aircon Accommodation (4 to 6pax room sharing)

Additional Cost : to upgrade to twin sharing plus P 500/pax

For Inquiries and Reservation please contact :

SECRETARIAT OFFICE : 18 Pioneer St., Moonwalk Vill., Las Pinas City PHILIPPINES or

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