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See the U.S.A. from the comfort of an Amtrak train!

The steam locomotive was invented in the United States. Railroads built the country and conquered the North American continent. And you today can tour this fascinating country from the comfort of a rail car! Amtrak goes through 46 states and the best way to see the most is by signing up for a 15-day, 30-day or 45-day rail package. Pay an upfront cost and get almost unlimited travel for those time periods. You can be constantly in motion or linger in some of America’s great cities, from San Francisco to New York and all the many great places in between.

Amtrak train usa
Amtrak train

While a rail pass will cost you several hundred dollars, this is much less than you’d pay for as many tickets you’d need and certainly less than you’d pay in petrol to get a car around the United States these days. Relax and enjoy the canyons of Colorado or the top-of-the-world mountains of Montana and the lakeshore views of Ohio’s placid Lake Erie. Buying with a package deal will give you an upfront cost and keep you from worrying about accruing excessive charges along the way. Budget while you’re working so you can focus on just enjoying the trip. Read the full story

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