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3D2N Coron Budget Travel Package with Coron Island Loop for as low as P2,287 per person*

Explore and Discover the beauty of Coron Palawan. Coron is one of the most beautiful beach and diving destination in the Philippines. Checkout these affordable travel and tour packages for Coron.

Coron Palawan Travel and Tour Packages
Coron Palawan Travel and Tour Packages

2 persons: P3,930 per person
3 persons: P3,010 per person
4 persons: P3,029 per person
5 persons: P2,782 per person
6 persons: P2,509 per person
7 persons: P2,520 per person
8 persons: P2,342 per person
9 persons: P2,287 per person
10 persons: P2,367 per person Read the full story

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