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Puerto Princesa 2012 travel and tour packages for as low as Php 3,000 per pax

Puerto Princesa City, a tropical paradise with a bustling urban center perfect for business with leisure trips. Lush rainforests and white sand beaches are simply hours away from the city proper, where a banking and commercial boom has made life easier for workaholics who can never run away from the office. Home of the longest navigable underground river and one of the new 7 wonders of nature and reputedly the most beautiful subterranean river in the world.

2012 Puerto Princesa Travel and Tour Packages
2012 Puerto Princesa Travel and Tour Packages

Puerto Princesa, which forms part of the Philippine’s last frontier, is a City rich in natural resources. It is the country’s largest City with a total land area of 253,982 hectares. A chain of mountain ranges runs through the entire length of the City, dividing it into two distinct areas – the East and the West Coast. The eastern side, which is facing the Sulu Sea is characterized by thin strand lines bordered by swamplands, following a series of flat plains to hilly terrain. The West Coast has fewer plains with mountain ranges close to the China Sea, thus giving the City a unique yet fragile ecology. Read the full story

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