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Visiting the Golden Mosque of Cotabato City

I was truly amazed to see this amazing mosque when i recently visited Cotabato City in Mindanao. It is none other than the Golden Mosque which is one of the largest mosques that is constructed in the city of Cotabato. The mosque was built with partial funding of Sultan Bolkiah himself.

Biggest Mosque in the Philippines
Biggest Mosque in the Philippines

This has now become one of the major tourist attractions in the Philippines and the Cotabato city tourism office has started promoting this architecture marvel to travellers more aggressively.

I was deeply fascinated by the way in which the mosque is built. The architecture and the art of this mosque are absolutely awesome. The mosque has been given a traditional Arabian outlook. This mosque has been designed as a devotion to the one true god or Allah.

For each of the travellers who make a visit to this mosque, they are sure to get impressed with the minarets domes as well as listening to the Adha. Adha is a form of call to prayer. You will feel quite at peace in this environment.

The Golden Mosque is also known as Masjid Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah dang Brunei. It is around seven kilometres away from Barangay Kalangalan Highway. The mosque is built in land that was donated by Dilangalen Clan.

It is located besides the Tamontaka River and also the Moro Gulf. Reaching this Masjid is quite easy since it is very well connected by Air as well as Sea. The main reason is that both sea port and Awang Airport are located nearby this Masjid.

Now once you arrive on this location, you will have to get a habal-habal or you can also hire a motorcycle for reaching the Masjid since this place is densely populated and the public transports are very rare. The Masjid has been designed for accommodating almost a maximum of 1, 200 worshippers at a time.

800 males as well as 400 females can worship at peace here. The Masjid also features courtyards as well as fountains along with the presence of 15-storey minarets. The Masjid is still in its final stages of finishing since the construction work is still going on. But I can explain the experience visiting this huge mosque in words. Yellow domes increased the beauty of this great piece of architecture.

The Golden Mosque of Cotabato City has now become a unique attraction of the Cotabato City. Located at the mouth of Tamontaka River and also near to the Timako Hill, this Masjid has all it takes to become one of the most sought after destination for travellers.

Golden mosque is considered to be one of the icons of the Allah’s teaching of peace. The Masjid also stands as a symbol of cultural legacy that brings together the sense of unity among the community across the world.

I would suggest all the travellers who travel to Cotabato City to make a visit to this Golden Mosque which stands as a Symbol of Peace.

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